A Thousand Thanks!

The field research in southern Africa would not have been possible without the help of many friends and colleagues. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those who supported our research since 1992

  • DeBeers Consolidated Mines Ltd. allowed us to work in Benfontein and use the research house for accommodation and lab facilities.
  • Edwin and Gisela Sliwa, Peter Gibbs and Arne Lawrenz gave us their Land Rovers for controlling traps and monitoring the radio-collared cats.
  • Mrs. Renate Stock repeatedly sponsored us generously through the Zoological Garden Wuppertal and the Cologne Zoo.
  • Many Canadians generously supported our efforts by donating through CanadaHelps.
  • The veterinary practice of Dr. Lore Marholdt started a fund-raising campaign and supports our project continuously.

Support for the Black-footed Cat Research Project Namibia

  • Dr Morgan Hauptfleisch (Namibia University of Science & Technology, Biodiversity Research Centre)
  • Kobus & Margaret van der Merwe (Namgate)
  • Johandre & Anri van der Merwe (Namgate)
  • Marisa & Phillipus Fourie (Namgate)
  • Dolf & Kinna de Wet (Signalberg Farm)
  • Rean Steenkamp
  • Barend Matheus & Francois Swartz (Grunau 17 Farm)

The following organisations supported our field work

Kölner Zoo
Der Grüne Zoo Wuppertal
Zoo Verein, Wuppertal E.V.
McGregor Museum
International Society for Endangered Cats Canada
San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance
Denver Zoo logo
Naples Zoo at Carribean Gardens logo
Life For Nature
Le Parc de Felins
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens
Kansas City Zoo and Aquarium
Panthera logo
ZooOmics logo
Zoological Association of America logo
Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo logo
The Diamond Route logo
CREW Cincinnati Zoo logo
Feline Conservation Foundation
Felis Felix
Ree Park Safari logo
SOS Felins
Project Survival logo
Exotic Feline Breeding Compound's Feline Conservation Ceter logo
SecaCam logo
Cat Life Foundation logo
Namibian Chamber of Environment logo
Pupkewitz Foundation logo
Republic of Namibia, Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism logo

Many thanks to the following individuals for their generous support

Andrea Brüggemann and Koch-Mafia

Karin Stellmacher

April Campbell

Christine Ritzen

Tatjana Menning

Kay Metzroth

Olaf Goldbecker